Aaron Collins

Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Length: Short
Height: 5'8
Weight: 130
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Where did you grow up?: San Jose, CA
Where do you live?:

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Aaron Collins
Aaron had just turned 18, and although he'd never taken any nude photos, he doesn't seem nervous, and his cute ass and really nice brown bush of pubic hair, and a nice cock are a pleasure to look at. As he rubs his boycock, you can see in his body and face that he's truly enjoying himself. When he finally cums, you can see the cum squirting out of his cock onto his stomach, and watch as he squeezes every last drop of cum out of his cock.

Aaron Collins
Kelly invites Aaron up for a party at an abandoned building, but when they arrive, they are the only ones who showed up....

Aaron Collins
Aaron, Zak, Jake, and Nicholas go at it in a hot 4 way fuckfest